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With friends in Cabopino, Spain

Enjoyed a lovely walk along the beach with friends to Cabopino. This report was published via Actifit app (

Breakfast in Le Cala de Mijas

Enjoying a sunny morning breakfast on the beach in Le Cala de Mijas, Spain 🇪🇸. This report was published via Actifit app (

Friends and a dog meet in Spain

After a long journey through Europe we met a friendly face in Benidrom Spain. This report was published via Actifit app (

Let's eat in Marbella Spain

Waiting for the car to get checked ✔️ over. So went for some Pil Pil, nice. This report was published via Actifit app ( #hive #ctp #dbuzz ...

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We need to rest in Benidrom

View of Benidrom as we made our way down the coast to Marbella. So we walked around the old town before leaving early the next morning. &l

Exploring what Pi is worth in the world of cryptocurrency #hive #ctp #dbuzz #web3 ...

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First day on our travels from Finland 🇫🇮 to Spain 🇪🇸

It has been a long day as well as being very cold at -27 and ironically sunny. I got the car and caravan ready for the long trip to Spain.